Homemade Vegetable and Fruit Wash

Just picked today! The tomatoes are really coming in now and unlike me, they really enjoy the heat. These tomatoes and the cayenne pepper came from our small raised-bed vegetable garden. The jalapeno peppers were grown at my mother's house.

We all know that vegetables and fruits are good for you but if you are buying your produce from a grocery store (or use pesticides in your garden), you might worry what chemicals are on your food and if you are properly washing them off. I know I'm paranoid about things like this. I've used store bought vegetable and fruit washes before but they are expensive. I recently came across directions for making a homemade wash. It is cheap and very easy to do.

All you need is:
Distilled white vinegar (diluted with 1/2 with water)
Hydrogen Peroxide
A soft brush or scouring pad

Place the vinegar and peroxide in separate spray bottles (I picked up some at Dollar General for $1 each).

First, spray the vegetable or fruit with vinegar and water mixture.

Then spray with the hydrogen peroxide.

Use a soft brush or scouring pad and rub softly.

Rinse thoroughly.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. thanks for this. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar on my kitchen counter. With Tuscumbia'a hard water it comes in handy a lot. It's good for cleaning. I also spray out my coffee mugs after making hot tea to get the stain out. Mary

  2. Hmmm I just read that if you give berries a wash with that vinegar they won't develop mold right away.

  3. That's a nice crop! Are you still using your hang upside down thing? :0)

  4. Just remember if you purchase fruits or vegetables from a roadside stand, they preferably need to be cooked in order to prevent the transmission of Hep A.

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  6. Mmmmm. Salsa coming your way. I have a hard time washing things like berries.

  7. That is so simple. I already have both in spray bottles to use for general disinfecting.

  8. Love those tomatoes. It looks fresh and organic. You've grown them well. Thanks for the useful tip. Its safe and cheap.

  9. Interesting. Love the tomatoes! I know what you mean about being worried about chemicals. I certainly am.~~Dee

  10. Great harvest!! Nice to know how to safely clean veggies that may have pesticides on them. I know my farmer is totally organic, Hooray!!


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