Rambling Rector - the rose that almost ate our garden

The rose that almost ate the garden - Rambling Rector. You may recall I tried to remove it a few years ago and gave up. Severely pruning it back, it just came back with a vengeance and was back to the top of the pergola by the end of summer. They call it "Rambling" for a reason!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. What can one say, but "Wow!"

    Is it fragrant?

  2. Aaron, actually no, it is not. The garden is very fragrant though with other roses and the privet scent is very strong. I love it.

  3. The things we find out about our plants when it's too late to do something about it. It is beautiful, but how does one tame a rose?

  4. Wow! I have heard of the Rector, and his reputation for devouring all that lies before him, but never seen him in action,so to speak ! He lives up to his reputation ! Mind you, what a handsome chap he is !

  5. I can hear it lurking around trying to devour you too! Quick, run to the west coast and don't tell it where you've gone. It's the only way to save yourself!


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