The Angle of the Sun Says Spring Is On The Way

There comes a time every year when I glance out the front door and notice the early morning sun shining through the orange sedge. Since our house faces north, this area is shaded during most of the winter months. At this point, the sun has traveled far enough to the north to begin shining on the north side of the house. We can also tell a difference by the way it comes through our living room windows. 

This is Orange New Zealand Sedge (Carex testacea), boxwood and the rose 'Lady Emma Hamilton'.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. I'm glad spring is on its way in your area, Phillip. I wish Carex testacea performed as well in my garden as it is has in yours. I can probably say the same thing about 'Lady Emma Hamilton', which may get an eviction notice here if she doesn't shape up this year.

    1. Kris, 'Lady Emma Hamilton' can be problematic. Blackspot was on it although I managed to get it under control. It isn't the most carefree Austin rose.

  2. As the garden (and I) mature, I look for hassle free plants that require less work to maintain. The orange sage became my go-to and most favorite ornamental grass: little clean-up is needed, very manageable reseeding, and unless we go through a particularly nasty winter it looks good and provide color all year. Your photo demonstrates my point perfectly!

  3. That is a nice combo, C. testacea and Lady Emma. I have the Carex with Abutilon 'Victor Reiter' and Cuphea 'Vermillionaire'--different oranges seem to play nicely together.

    I agree with chavliness--that carex gives a lot for very little effort.

  4. This photo is really eye catching, and of course we’re all glad to have spring arriving!


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