Lawn renovation, pt. 1

We have very little grass on our 3/4 acre property. The majority of what is here is located in the front yard and has looked awful for years now. Basically it is a mixture of bermuda and weeds, with about 20% bermuda to 80% weeds. I don't necessarily despise grass (I think small areas of it really enhance a garden) so I'd prefer what little grass is here to be lush and green. I've decided to try fescue, a grass that stays green all year round.

Now I'm no expert in grass cultivation and I hope the outcome to this is not a total embarrassment. I've been reading my garden books and searching the Internet for tips on how to do this correctly. It doesn't really help that most sources give conflicting information. So here goes - the first order of business is to kill the existing grass. I've been spraying the heck out of it with RoundUp this past week and you can see the results below.

Phase 2 involves spreading compost, lime and fertilizer before finally putting the seed down. Then it is a matter of water, water, water. To be continued...


  1. I would recommend going over the dead grass with a hard rake to remove some of the dead grass and help loosen the soil a touch before you add the compost and other ingredients so the seeds and or roots of the new grass will have better contact with the soil below.

  2. Thanks Christopher! Actually I've gone over it with my tiller. I'm buying the seed, lime and fertilizer today and hope to get it planted. I'm not convinced that the dead bermuda is actually dead. I don't think you can kill that stuff! It is evil.

  3. A tiller is even better.

    Bermuda grass in Hawaii must have been wimpy. Yes some places it could get out of control, but Ornamec would take care of it. For the most part it wasn't much of a problem and was the absolute worst grass for a lawn.

  4. Two things that I do up here for grass is use enough seed and then (like you said) don't let it dry out. The other thing I usually do is use sod ;-)

  5. Hey Phillip, I read your other post first so I know you are will on your way to a wonderful lawn. I agree with you I don't like a lot of grass but to me some adds structure or continuity to a garden. I also have to say I love the bones and maturity of your garden. You have done a great job. Cliff


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