New Fence Completed


Wow, that was fast! In just one day and a half, Luis and a helper completed the new fence and gate and I couldn't be happier. It is quite a change from the previous fence -

The next big job will be staining it to match the other wood structures in the garden ('Mahogany Flame' is our go-to color). That will have to wait until things dry out later in the spring.

I haven't looked closely yet at the plants surrounding the fence but I think the workers were pretty careful and everything looks to be intact. The huge Armandii clematis is still there, lying on the ground. I'm going to try and get it back on the fence this weekend if weather permits.

I also love the gate. I showed Luis a photo of ones that I liked and he took it from there. He is very creative and always comes up with good ideas.

From the back (inside the garden), it also looks fantastic -

Now to decide what to grow over the gate. I moved an ornamental kiwi vine and I will probably put it on one side. Of course, I would love to add a rose but the space for it is limited (it would be planted right inside the junipers). Decisions, decisions!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. It looks amazing! The plants and fence will complement one another so well!

  2. Tough problems to have! It looks amazing - such an improvement, Phillip.

  3. WOW is right. When you decide to do something...Voila. It totally transforms this area. The gate is the bomb. And what fun decisions to have to make now.

  4. Excellent work, and what an improvement over chain link! Can’t wait to see how you “decorate” it with plants.

  5. Lovely! Wooden materials make everything look so natural.

  6. Were the outside photos taken from the street? From a neighbor's yard? I couldn't quite make it out... Either way, the fence is beautiful. You certainly found a Master carpenter with great talent for woodwork.

    1. The first three are taken from the driveway. The fence divides the driveway from our back garden. The last three photos were taken on the garden. I hope that makes sense!

  7. Yes, wow, what a transformation! Congrats on a really successful improvement you can enjoy for years to come.

  8. I love it! It's beautiful and perfect for your garden.

  9. The gate is so in keeping with the style of the fence and still echoes the gates you liked (a real design coup)


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