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Vicki Green's Garden

Vicki Green's garden is one of the neatest and most immaculate gardens I've seen and it is a showcase for beautifully grown plants as well as art objects (she is a glass artist). The property was once wall-to-wall grass and now just a central portion is devoted to the green. A long pathway leads you around the perimeter of the garden adorned with lush plantings. Vicki is a master at pruning and her technique reminds me of the way Michael does it. She has trained many of her "shrubs" into small trees, such at the waxleaf privet and elderberry. A Wax Leaf Privet ( Ligustrum japonicum ) trained into an attractive small tree. I was taken aback by the size of the plants, some of which I grow, and my mind was racing. Driving up, I was immediately wowed by her 'Golden Spirit' Smoke Bush ( Cotinus coggygria ) although now I do recall seeing a very large on 117th St. However, this one is the most beautiful I've seen -   I also was surprised to see how large her 

The Little Amaryllis That Could

On my recent report on the three amaryllis, you may recall there was one dud - "Red Peacock". I was ready to toss it in the garbage when I noticed that there was growth emerging. Sure enough, it continued to grow and now there is a big beautiful bloom and at least three more waiting to open. Apparently, some take more time than others. Or, perhaps it was the threat of eviction? I'm a firm believer of that. There are many plants in the garden that have improved after I threatened them with a shovel prune.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Gorgeous! I guess I should hold onto 'Estella' to see if she comes through, although threatening to toss her into the green recycle bin hasn't worked so far.

  2. It was worth waiting for. I agree with you about the threats. They sometimes work. :)

  3. What a beauty! Worth the wait?

    Mine will be late this year because of our cooler winter, but they seem to be starting to wake up with the increasing daylight.


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