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Early Flowers

Crocus Cyclamen coum Hellebore 'Merlin' Snowdrop Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy

Frosty Mornings

I think this was the fifth morning in a row that we've had a heavy frost. The lows have been getting down around 25, much lower than the local forecasters have been predicting. 

'Dublin Bay' (above and below) has a few blooms lingering...

And so has 'Tequila Sunrise'...

It has been a dry week but rain returns tonight.

Pennisetum 'Karley Rose'

Beauty Berry (Callicarpa 'Profusion')

Coralberry (Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii 'Kolmcan' 'Candy')


Lydia Broom (Genista lydia)

A Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood' leaf on the Hebe

Juniper 'Daub's Frosted', Barberry 'Rose Glow' and Clematis montana 'Freda'

Phlomis ‘Quilted Leaf’ (Jerusalem Sage)

Phormium 'Rainbow Queen'

Silver Lotus Clover (Hairy Canary Lotus Shrub) (Dorycnium hirsutum)

Euphorbia 'Miner's Merlot'

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Even frozen in place, your garden contains a lot of beauty, Phillip. I love the beautyberry and coralberry shrubs. Do they hold up in repetitive frosts like those you've been dealing with?

    1. Kris, yes, they both hold onto the berries usually well into January.


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