Gardens of the Shoals

Tonight I will be doing a presentation to the Shoals Wildflower Society about local gardens that I have written about in Alabama Gardener magazine. This will mainly be a slide show of photos I've taken. Here is a sample:

Margie Anderton's beautiful wildflower paradise in Killen, Alabama (the article is in the current edition)

Leon Perry's azalea wonderland in Muscle Shoals

Dee Hubbert's garden here in Florence (this article hasn't been published yet)

and Charles Moore's magnificent waterfall garden (also in Florence)

There are other gardens as well. Their meetings are held at the Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Florence and their is tons of food and usually door prizes. Wish me luck!


  1. Lucky! Lucky! Shoals Wildflower Society members! What gorgeous gardens! Your photos are beautiful Phillip... I particularly love the first two gardens. I am happy to wish you luck ... but I do not believe you need it. I am certain they will all be delighted!

  2. Here's a giant good luck wish and a big hug too! I wish I could see your slide show and hear the talk. Those gardens are amazing, but the azalea wonderland really caught my azalea fairy attention! BTW, I bought that cast iron half urn, just because you said I needed it! I am too easy! :-)

  3. Wonderful photos Phillip. Love the rustic log arbor. Wish I lived closer, would love to see your presentation.

  4. Good luck Phillip! I wish I could be there! I love the pictures. The wooden arbor is stunning!
    PS. I hope you received foxglove and poppy seeds!

  5. Phillip... These gardens are dream gardens and you've captured them so beautifully. I know that you will do your usual wonderful best! Wish we could be there! gail

  6. Wish I could be there for your presentation as well, Phillip. What amazing gardens you've captured.

    Wishing you luck and a good turnout.

  7. Ooh, nice! There's nothing better than looking at photos of beautiful gardens you don't also have to weed! :)

  8. Hi Phillip

    Beautiful shots.

    I really like Dee Hubbert's garden. That structure is terrific.

    Good luck for the talk!

  9. So much lovely inspiration, I know you will do a great job. Best of luck.

  10. You must live in gardening heaven! What beautiful gardens in your photos!


  11. What beautiful gardens and lovely photos. I'm sure the audience will enjoy your presentation!


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