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The Plants Bees Love

In this day and time, I would hope gardeners understand the importance of bees and other insects in the garden. However, from time to time, a person comes into the nursery and asks for plants that will NOT attract bees (sigh). They are not really gardeners though, they are just looking for a plant to fill a space. I find myself more and more intrigued by bees although I don't know that much about the different types. I do make note of plants that they like and try to add as many as I can to the garden. Over the past weeks, with watering a daily activity amidst a lingering heat-wave, I've conducted an informal survey and noted the plants that they seem to like the most. Butterfly Weed ( Asclepias tuberosa ) Butterfly Weed ( Asclepias tuberosa ) is one of my favorite perennials and the bees love it too. I don't think I've ever seen a butterfly on it but we don't seem to have many of those. Everybody wants the "Showy Milkweed" (Asclepias speciosa) but I knew

Revisiting Laura Scott's Garden

A mini-tour of four gardens on the west side of Vancouver took place this past Saturday. I had visited all of the gardens before but it was fun to see them again and with a friend who is new to garden touring.

Our first stop was Laura Scott's beautiful garden which is full of color and artful vignettes. I previously saw her garden two years ago.

I am mesmerized by the bark on this tree and the planting around it is perfect.

Planted on one side is Rose Campion (Silene coronaria)

Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis fruiticosa) surrounds the back of a fantastic statue.

The vegetable garden is so much fun!

That is the rose 'Vielchenblau' (or that's my guess) in the back.

This is a more wooded area over to the side of the main gardens. An azalea is blooming on the right of the arch.

The pink flowering plant on the left is a pink variety of Bowman's Root (Gillenia trifoliata), highly coveted by yours truly. And I'm excited to say that I just obtained a piece today from a friend. Laura's plants are so robust!

Just perfection

Thanks Laura for opening your garden again. It just gets better!

The other three gardens (Vicki Green, Ruth Clark and Gregg Andrews) will be in upcoming posts.

Next Saturday, there will be a tour of four more gardens, this time on the east side of Vancouver. I think I've only seen one of those so I'm excited and hope to go.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. It's a beautifully curated garden. You're lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country, Phillip.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos of the garden you visited.

    1. You are welcome Ardith. There are more to come.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thanks for the lovely photos and kind words, Phillip. It was great seeing you on Saturday.

    1. You're welcome - thanks for opening and it was great seeing you as well.

  5. What a glorious garden, she is very talented. Beautiful!


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